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Margaret Evans Price has certainly proven popular with our customers, and for good reason. Her illustrations are pretty and fanciful. She is especially gifted at depicting children in a stylized yet not cartoonish manner. In The Betty Fairy Book (1915) a little girl – Betty – inadvertently angers the fairies by wearing a fairy crown that she finds and dancing “on fairy ground.” The fairies decide to banish her to a boat, on which Betty bravely faces several hardships. Betty’s courage endears her to the fairies, who relent and take Betty to fairyland where she is cared for and given gifts. Betty comes away from her adventure with fairy souvenirs and new friends. This charming tale is richly illustrated and will appeal to both children and sentimental adults.

Margaret Evans Price Margaret Evans Price
16 978-1-59583-092-0 13.5 7.5
Green Tiger Press Paperbound, Die-Cut
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