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What a great pattern for summer entertaining!  These decorative, food safe and durable pieces are made of porcelain over a heavy grade of steel.  The pieces are oven fired at a very high temperature to make them vastly superior to typical tin plates. The high temperature firing process means they can be used for baking, stove top cooking and can even be used under the broiler.   Featured in National Geographic's Green Guide as a more food safe alternative to the melamine used in many of today's entertaining pieces. Great Mother's Day, Hostess, Wedding or Bridal Shower Gift!

*The Blue Crab Dip Set comes as open stock WITHOUT the gift box, so we are able to pass the savings on to our customers.  The set includes a 12.5" Charger and a 3 Cup Bowl 5½ inch wide x 2½ inch deep.

Set of 4 Party Plates are also available.  Other pieces shown are available to order.  Please inquire at nobleniches@aol.com.

Use and Care

The manufacturer suggests that all enamelware be dried promptly after washing. Most dishwashers have a drying cycle, but if it doesn't thoroughly dry the dishes and allows them to stay wet, you can get rusting. The rim is made of stainless steel, but under that is carbon steel.  Water can get under the rim and cause rusting if the plate does not dry quickly enough. If rusting does occur, it can be easily removed with a bit of soft scrub. Sometimes during the kiln firing of the enamel, specks get into the finish of the surface and result in little flecks that are fused into the enamelware. These naturally occurring flecks are part of the process and do not adversely affect the finished piece. While enamelware is extremely durable, the surface can chip if an item is dropped or gets hit with great force. If a chip occurs, simply clean the chipped area and rub the exposed metal with cooking oil to help prevent rusting. Please note that the metal is not toxic, so your enamelware is still completely functional.

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