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A tender introduction to the nativity story for any early reader, and a perfect holiday gift.

In this lovely book, originally published in 1916, illustrator Margaret Evans Price and author Isabel C. Byrum beautifully tell the Christmas story, from the baby in the manger, surrounded by animals, to the arrival of the three wise men.' The story, from the point of view of a child, is sweet and sincere and the accompanying illustrations are exquisite.

Maragret Evans Price (1888 - 1973) was a prolific and talented artist who wrote and illustrated many children's books in a long and illustrious career spanning the 1910s through the 1950s.' Married to Irving Price, who founded the Fisher-Price toy company, her illustrations also served as the basis for some of their first products.

Isabel Coston Byrum (1870 - 1938) was an American author of children's books largely focused on Christian themes.' Her titles include The Value of a Praying Mother } (1911), {How John Became a Man (1917) and The Poorhouse Waif and His Divine Teacher (1919).

EAN 97815958337608
Product Code 37608
Author Isabel C. Byrum
Illustrator Margaret Evans Price
Binding Paperbound & Die-Cut
Width 7.25" Height 13"
Pages 16

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